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Regardless of what college you attend, if you are considering an undergraduate degree in International Affairs (IA), participating in the Education Program will put you at the top of your class. The World Affairs Council does an incredible job of preparing high school students for their higher education by shaping their minds in a way that sets a foundation for an IA degree.
Participating in the Summer Institute after my freshman year of high school indisputably was the chisel that sculpted my future endeavors. It taught me to think critically about global affairs in an academic method. The structure of the Summer Institute program is in fact very similarly to most college courses, with reading assignments, a lecture by the speaker, and a discussion group. Additionally, I have been very fortunate in receiving multiple scholarships to incredible Council events, such as to WorldAffairs 2009 and Awards Dinners for Muhammad Yunnus and Paul Ottelini (something you should look into!) These opportunities allowed me to meet other young global-minded people, and make lifelong friends.
Through my experiences in the Education Program, I decided to major in International Affairs. I am currently beginning my sophomore year at the George Washington University in Washington, DC. GW was not my first choice, but as fate has it, I think it turned out to be the best. Washington, DC has so many incredible opportunities you really can’t get anywhere else. Aside from the amazing internship opportunities on Capitol Hill and with various NGOs, you get to meet incredible people. Within my first year I was able to hear President Clinton crack some jokes with Usher at the opening ceremony of the Clinton Global Initiative, attend a bench commemoration with Toni Morrison, get rallied up about the election by Robert Gibbs, and brush shoulders with Donald Rumsfeld walking down the sidewalk. Regardless, no matter what school you end up at, the background in global affairs and critical thinking skills you receive from the World Affairs Council will help you lead your peers in the field of International Affairs.

By Michael Farzi, Education Program Intern, World Affairs Council

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